Arrival Ft. Myers – Cape Coral

The international airport of Ft. Myers is, compared with other international airports, a smaller and unhurried one. So, from the beginning you get the relaxed, easygoing feeling of the sunny Southwest Coast of Florida. After passing the “immigration”, you take your luggage and leave the airport terminal. Just rest for a moment, take a deep breath and enjoy the warm sun, a light breeze in the palm trees, the deep, blue sky and savor the pleasant anticipation of a vacation here in paradise in the next days or weeks.

Directly on the other side of the road (just a bit to the right) you find the home of various car rental stations (we suggest to book the car from europe via internet – just email us and we like to share our experiences with you). Your car is waiting for you in the parking garage behind the building, just a walking minute away. So, after doing the necessary paperwork you are free!

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When leaving the airport, join the other cars and follow the signs towards the I 75 (Interstate 75). When you reach the I 75 do not enter! Continue the street you are on, you pass below the I 75 bridge until you reach the junction with the US 41 ( a sign “Cape Coral” gives you a good prewarning). Now you turn right to th north on US 41, change to one of the left lanes, because you have to turn left at the crossing “College Parkway” in direction Cape Coral (all crossings are signalized early and in the middle of each intersection you always find the name of the crossing street).

Now relax , it is almost done – stay all the time on “College Parkway”, it brings you directly across the “Caloosahatchee River”, straight to the City of Cape Coral. For the toll bridge, across the river, you will need the most famous “Bel Air Dollars” There should be no problem, if you use this folder to find your way.

After passing the bridge (enjoy the magnificent view) you are already in Cape Coral, the streets name has changed to “Cape Coral Parkway”, but do not worry you´re right on track. Continue on “Cape Coral Parkway” (use the middle, later the right lane) until you reach the crossing to “Santa Barbara Boulevard”. At “Santa Barabara” turn right, choose the left lane and after a few hundred meters turn left into “SW 44th Street”.

Now you are on the home stretch! At the end of 44th Street turn right (this is already SW 1st Place) and after approximately 100 meters you recognize …. Villa “Bel Air” (number 4320).

Wish you a wonderful vacation …