Shopping in Cape Coral

Channel at Villa BelAir in Cape Coral

Palm Naturally you can pick coconuts directly from the tree… but for normal shopping we suggest to go to one of the numerous and well-assorted supermarkets.
At first we have to mention the “little Publix”, simply because this market is the nearest (crossing Cape Coral Parkway and Santa Barbara Boulevard). Here you can do your first food shopping when you arrive, exhausted with the long flight and hungry as a wolf. In Cape Coral you find a large number of supermarkets or superstores, a comprehensive, international gastronomy, an efficient infrastructure and lots of small and big shops selling everything you need in all day life.

We recommend the supermarkets of “Publix”, with a good basic assortment and on top of that, each market has its own highlights. Our favorite is located at the shopping mall called “Camelot Isle”. Just continue driving the Cape Coral Pkwy to the west and turn left at the crossing “Chiquita Blvd. Immediately to your right you will notice “Camelot Isle”. In this supermarket you find all fresh food you are looking for, vegetables and …last not least a well sorted sushibar … every day of the week.

There are lots of supermarkets and shops and their offers vary. You will have to develop your own preferences during your stay. If you continue Santa Barbara Blvd a short ride to the north, you reach another complex of different shops, just after passing the Veterans Memorial Parkway. Here you find (besides a well sorted “Publix”) a Target, Subway, and lots of shops selling clothes, sport stuff, DVDs, CDs, books, shoes etc.

In “Publix” supermarkets, you can pay with traveller cheques the same way you pay with cash. In the USA you get your change in cash, therefore it is normally not nessassary to change currency at the bank. You just get your US money, during the normal household shopping at the supermarket.

At the cashier you will be asked the famous question: “plastic ok?” They do not ask for the way you want to pay, they just want to know what sort of bag they should use, to pack your purchase. We always take the plastic bags, because they fit perfectly in the garbage can in the kitchen of Villa “Bel Air” and they are not leaking.