BBQ restaurant makes a comeback

by Villa Bel Air

A restaurant that shut down seven years ago, is back open.

A restaurant that shut down seven years ago, is back open. Hickory BBQ is making some long-time customers very happy. Darrell Banks has been going to Hickory BBQ off Old McGregor his entire life, but has felt a void the past seven years.
“It was disappointing. It is definitely a landmark in the area.”
“You get BBQ sauce in your veins.”
The owner, Bill Davis, closed the restaurant because of a family emergency. Now, one of his kids wants to take it over, so he re-opened… in a not so great economy.
“You gotta do, I guess, what you gotta do.” It has old customers happy. “They say they’re glad we’re back and they say they hope we’ll stay. I didn’t think they really cared.” (laughs)
…but they do. It’s written in their guest book.
“We’ve had so many sign in saying it’s awesome, God bless you, the biscuits are great.” (laughs) “It’s been great because people have missed this place.”
It’s also making some employees happy, like Carole Thompson.
“It’s great because I’m seeing old faces.” (laughs) “It’s great and it’s a good atmosphere.”
The owner said everything is pretty much the same since the first time the restaurant opened 53 years ago… except the prices have changed a little. Address:15400 Old McGrgor Boulevard, Ft Myers, FL 33908, Telefon 239 481 2626

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