Cape Coral, Florida, USA

by Villa Bel Air

Cape Coral, Venice of the gulf coast of Florida

When the "Rosenbrothers" discovered the most southern peninsula of the United States, they also realized the potential of the area and laid the foundation of our loved city, the Venice of the Gulfcoast, here in Southwest Florida, as we know it today.

Here, everybody loves the water and lives at the water, with the water, on the water and, when swimming, in the fantastic and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, also in the water. Cape Coral, with so many miles of canals within the city, invites guests to explore the town not as normal by car, but aboard a boat! It is so much fun, to travel the canals and stop now and then for some icecream, a milkshake or a nice meal - of course directly at the water. The canals lead also to the fantastic waterworld located just outside the city with well known and famous islands like "Sanibel Island", "Captiva Island", "Cabbage Key" or "Cayo Costa". Only these names let you start dreaming about warm waters, palmtrees and wonderful, white sanded beaches. 

The perfect combination of "laid back" vacation, good restaurants, tasty food, lot`s of bargains at the outlet stores and, of course, a fantastic vacation home as Villa "Bel Air," combined with a good and well equipped boat as our "Lady B.", guarantees a great time. A mixture of relaxation and adventure on the waters of the Gulf, individually planned by yourself. it is your vacation, do what you want.

"Don`t dream it - be it" and get the magic smile! Visit Cape Coral, the "waterfront wonderland", but be advised: More than 90% of our guests, who had spend their dream vacation, are coming back and do not want to miss paradise in future.

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