Coffee to go or suspended? Florida, USA

by Villa Bel Air

Buy two coffee and take one ...

One day, we entered a nice coffeehouse in Naples, ordered our favorite coffees and sat down at a small table not far from the counter. It was just after lunch and a lot of people were coming in, to order their coffee, lots of them "to go", because they had only a short break for lunch.

But for us, it was really surprising, that a lot of people ordered and paid for coffee, but did not get their full order. They were ordering "four coffee" and added "two suspended", got two coffee and left. This happend a lot of tmes, it couldn`t be a mistake .....

Then an old man came in, dressed in worn out clothes, looked really like an unsheltered and poor guy. He went to the counter and kindly asked: "Is there any suspended coffee available"?

It is a deal! There are people, who are paying in advance for coffee ment for someone, coming in and can`t afford a warm drink.

We heard now, that it is a certain tradition, that started in Naples, Florida, but has spread all over the world.

We ourself experienced this really often, when we came to toll stations riding our Harleys - the people in front of us payed already for themselves and for us! It is such a nice tradition, because on the bike it is not that easy to have the Dollar ready to pay the toll. Sometimes ..... life is suprising!


Photo from ECHO - Emergency Care and Help Organization

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