Completely revised pool

by Villa Bel Air

Florida/Cape Coral: Villa “Bel Air” gets completely revised pool

neuer Pool

Fantastic, completely revised pool inspires guests of Villa “Bel Air”. Our swimming pool has always been the central point for our guests during day and night.

After due consideration and difficult selection, we decided to remodel the pool of Villa “Bel Air” completely, to offer our guests something really particular. After pumping all the water down and removing the core with really a lot of noise (sorry neighbours), they started carefully the reconstruction.

New, wonderful tiles, in fantastic, italian marble look, with great marble structure. Partly brilliant and partly mat, so that, especially in the early morning- and evening sun, everything sparkles really marvelous.

Additionlly a very special sort of “diamond bright”, that is the material, sealing walls and bottom of the pool. This material also defines the colour of the water and the outlook of the complete underwater environment.
We have chosen a special, expensive and rough-textured structure, which feels pretty comfortable, when you are in the water and produces a really special and wonderful caribbean, turquoise color of sparkeling water.

A full automatic system is permanently correcting the water level of the pool, to guarantee always the right proportion of water and appliances, responsible for the perfect, healthy and eudermic water quality.

Highlight is the new illumination of the pool in the dark by means of special LEDs. Our guests may choose out of numerous, different programs. Certainly wonderful single colors, but also programs with different mixed colors, presented in different speeds and tinges to produce special atmospheres, matching your personal mood.

Look forward, to enjoy the newest highlight in most famous and popular Villa “Bel Air”.

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