During European winter, play golf in paradise

by Villa Bel Air

During European winter, play golf in paradise


During European winter, play golf in paradise Southwest Florida. January, February ….. warm and sunny weather, 25 degrees Celsius, straw hat, Bermuda shorts and polo shirt. Beautiful golfcourses, so nice, that you really hesitate to touch them. This is no antagonism – this is quite normal and fantastic daily routine here, in Southwest Florida, here in „little“ paradise ….. Villa „Bel Air“.
Only 10 hours of flying away, Southwest Florida is the perfect destination for all, who want to continue playing golf, during the cold, freezing and ugly European Winter.

Every European golfer knows the feeling: The winter in the “old world” overruns its time and the brandnew set of clubs (a nice christmas present) is getting dusty, the golf course of the own club covered with white and steady snow and no end in sight!

All in all, life is much cheaper in the USA, than in „the old world“. The present Dollar exchange rate is still very attractive for European travellers and the prices, espeacially for golf equipment, clothes or restaurants, are pretty low. Most people think of mass tourism, Disney World and Miami, when considering Florida for vacation. But you will not find this in the Southwest. Here are the most beautiful golf courses, friendly and nice people, palmtrees waving in a gentle breeze and wonderful vacation villas, located directly at the water, with private pools, waiting for the exhausted golf player to spend great relaxation after an exciting and fascinating match of golf.

All this is available for very reasonable rates – not the high rates of the Mediterranean area during winter time. A real paradise for golfer! Of course easy to combine with nice sightseeing trips and maybe some nice boattrips to explore the Floridian flora and fauna – watch the dolphins playing in their natural environment – even the family members, who are not interested in golf, will enjoy and relish the paradise of Southwest Florida ….. and when you are really lucky, in wonderful Villa „Bel Air“!

LINKS to golf courses in the area: Coral Oaks, Royal Tee, Palmetto Pine – Country Club, Eagle Rich, Heritage Palm – Golf and Country Club, The Forest – Country Club

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