ESTA for USA immigration free of charge

by Villa Bel Air

ESTA for USA immigration free of charge


ESTA application for the USA immigration without any charge. Travellers of certain countries, entering the USA for a limited period of time and for certain reasons, do not need to apply for a visa.
However they have to fill out a so called ESTA form online, on the internet. ESTA stands for `Electronic Sytem for Travel Authorization`. This application is absolutely free of charge!
But if you `google` ESTA, looking for the online application, you will find lots of private sites, offering ESTA, but they will charge a service fee for there assistance. We strongly recommend to use the official site from the goverment of the USA for the ESTA application! It is really easy, well explained and assistance is really not necessary.
Here is a LINK, presenting information, whether you can use the visa free immigration procedere: Information about ESTA
Here the LINK to the official application form: ESTA application form
Here a good summary of ESTA by Wikipedia: Wikipedia about ESTA

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