ESTA required for USA entry

by Villa Bel Air

ESTA required for USA entry


Finally, the ESTA application for the USA immigration according the “visa weaver” program, replaces the old green form. From September the 8th 2010 the USA started charging an entry fee from tourists, entering the USA without visa.

Dear guests and friends of lovely Villa “Bel Air”
This fee is now 14 US-Dollars (4 Dollars for ESTA and 10 Dollars of “tourist fee”, to promote the USA for tourists in future) and will be charged, when applying for permission on the ESTA website of the US Government. We recommend, for all our guests and friends, to fill out the application well in time and do not wait until the last moment. Normally,everything is working properly and you get the confirmation within minutes.

We also strongly recommend to use only the original domain of the US authorities. There are lots of internet domains, pretending to be the official site, looking pretty similar, but charge a lot of money to “help” you filling out the form. The ESTA form is easy to handle and presented in several languages.

Here the LINK to the official application form: ESTA application form

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