500 years Florida, USA

by Villa Bel Air

in April 1513, Ponce de Leon landed at Florida`s eastcoast

He settled in "Hispaniola", the todays "Dominican Republic", and started explorations to find gold and the mythical "Fountain of Youth". So he discovered the Bahamas, Bimini and finally landed at Floridas coastline. He was so impressed by the wonderful beaches and flowers, that he named the new land "La Florida" (LAH flow REE dah) or "place of flowers". This happend in April 1513!

In 1521, he returned and his choice was this time the gulfcoast of Florida. He came together with 200 settlers, horses, tools and seeds, to found a farming colony.

Florida is celebrating this for the whole year 2013 -even back in the days, people were fascinated by our sunny paradise, experienced the warm waters and islands of the Gulf of Mexico and had a fantastic time.A good reason to finally plan your personal dream vacation and, of course, the beste place to do this, is incredible Villa "Bel Air".

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