Last launches of space shuttle

by Villa Bel Air

NASA: Last launches of space shuttle – update


Update: Due to technical problems, the launch of the space shuttle has been delayed and is now planned für February 2011. Although the timing to see a launch is not quite easy, the “Kennedy Space Center is alsways worth to visit!


The Space Shuttle, part of the Space Transportation System (STS), has ben lauched for the first time in 1981, by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), for orbital human spaceflight missions. I am quite sure, everybody remembers those first flights, because we all have been still impressed by the Apollo program of NASA, which culminates in landing a man safe on the moon in 1969.
Finally, the system is scheduled to be retired from service in 2011, after 135 launches! NASA is planning the last two launches and everybody, having the opportunity to keep track of the launches on the spot – will never forget this!

So, if you have the possibility to come to Florida and get the chance to monitor one of these last two launches, do it! There are only few such exciting moments in lifetime and the chance will never come again.

But the Kennedy Space Center will always be worth a visit. Just stand close to one of the old Saturn 5 rockets – it is gigantic. Have breakfast with an astronaut of NASA (to be booked in time) or let your kids have the experience of an astronaut training…….

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