Manatee season open

by Villa Bel Air

Manatees showing ups at the dock of Villa Bel Air

As every year, the Manatees has arrived at downtown Cape Coral in the first cooler nights of the beginning Florida “winter”. After that, they can be seen from the dock of Villa “Bel Air” until March, sometimes even April, depends on the rising temperatures during spring time.
It is always a treat to observe the gentle giants playing in the water.
First, some circles can be recognized at the water`s surface, appearing in a line, then a huge head is showing up and the Manatee is curiously looking out of the water, to catch fresh air. Especially in the darkness it can be scary, to hear a Manatee blowing out like a whale and disappearing again into the dark water.
From now on, we are asking our guests of “Bel Air” to be really careful, when leaving the dock with the “Bel Air Boat” and boating through the city of Cape Coral. Manatees are moving pretty slow and our propellers at the boat are razor sharp!
Please be careful: Manatees are really curious (see picture) and a protected species. Never try to feed them or play with them, the fines for that are extremely high!

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