New air conditioning system at Villa "Bel Air", Cape Coral, Florida

by Villa Bel Air

Brandnew and efficient air-condition installed at Villa "Bel Air"

Just in time for the season, we finished the brandnew air condition system at Villa "Bel Air". We replaced
all of the hardware, including the airhandler, got a new heatpump and put new and larger tubes and hoses in the attic. There is now much more air coming into the house, without increasing the velocity of air, which means a more comfortable and quiet conditioning of air for Villa "Bel Air".

The new filter system is also a huge improvement: The system filters now 93% of pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris flying through the air and due to an additional electrostatic process also microscopic airborne particles like smoke, household dust, bacteria, particeles that can carry viruses and particeles that can carry odors are captured. Filters are changed every 90 days, so there is always the best filtration granted.

Together with the also installed new warmwaterheater and the solarsystem for the heating of "Bel Airs" swimming pool, we are on a good, healthy, ecologic and economic way. Our guests will notice, during their vacation, the better water quality, better climate and last but not least less energy consumption. Normally, in summer and winter season, the 35 Dollars included for energy per week in the rental price, should be sufficient for every party, spending their dream vacation in lovely Villa "Bel Air".


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