New Bel Air Boat

by Villa Bel Air

New Bel Air boat arrived and available

Bel Air Boot

Lady B., the brandnew boat of Villa “Bel Air” has arrived home, in her dock. For our guests of Vila Bel Air, the brand new Lady B. stands for more comfort, better engine power and – more fun and joy, when exploring the flora and fauna of the wonderfull waterworld in the backyard of Cape Coral. More than two feet longer and with a lot more horsepower, Lady B. is not only offering more room for the people aboard, but is also presenting a small compartment to change clothes, a new GPS, combined with fishfinder and depthfinder and, last not least, a much better cruising behaviour, because of half a ton more weight and a very special shaped hull, when cruising on Florida waters. You will quickly get used to handle the new weight and performance and thereafter enjoy the new and better advantages of Lady B.

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