New furtniture, neue stove, new boat ...

by Villa Bel Air

New furtniture, neue stove, new boat … new virtual tours

Villa Bel Air

For even more comfort and fun for our guests we sprang for new, fantastic leather couches for the living room. The wonderful, modern design and the white leather fit perfectly to the favored atmosphere and the preferred charme of Villa Bel Air.

In the kitchen a new stainless steel stove is waiting for our gueste, with a lot of additional features and on top of that, a stainless steel full automatic microwave.

Of course, we want to mention also Lady B., in this article – the brandnew Bel Air boat. Good 2 feet longer and half of a ton heavier, she is just a boaters dream in paradise. The new engine with 150 hp gives her addititional reserves and a pretty good cruising speed with very adequate fuel consumption. A combination of GPS, depthfinder and fishfinder according to the latest standards, predestine Lady B. perfect for daycruises in Waterfront Wonderland and the offshore islands with their fantastic beaches.

To feed the pleasant anticipation of our friends and guests and to help waverers to finally decide to book a dream vacation in Villa Bel Air, we also renewed our virtual tours on the website. Everybody can see (and enjoy) now the wonderful and nice changes and start to look forward to the own fantastic vacation in Villa Bel Air – if you like with Lady B., too.

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