New requirements for travellers to the USA

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Attention! New requirements for travellers to the USA

Einreise USA

There are new requirements active for travellers flying to the USA. Because most of our guests use the nonstop-connection from Air Berlin to Ft.Myers, we will concentrate here on the Air Berlin procedere. Guests, who are flying with other airlines should contact their company and ask for the new conditions!

The USA require all data from each passenger minimum 72 hours before the flight takes place from the airline, carrying the passenger. Because of that, each passenger has to complete online forms on the airlines internet domain, to supply the company with the appropriate data miminum 96 hours in advance!

For guests, not flying Air Berlin, we strongly recommend, to contact their airline or booking agency. Here is the original text of Air Berlin and the LINKS, you will need:

Entry regulations – USA

All airlines are required to record personal details for their passengers on flights to/from/via the USA and to transmit these to the US government authorities. The data will be collected before departure, i.e. at the latest when you check in. To reduce queues at the check-in desks, please send us the required details prior to the departure of your flight.
On completion of the booking process you will have an opportunity to enter the required details on the APIS/Secure Flight form (APIS Advance Passenger Information System. You can also go to the APIS/Secure Flight form by again viewing your booking
If you booked your flight via a travel agency, please enter your details on the Secure Flight form » here. Go to the Information sheet for travel between the EU and the USA »
Further information on submitting passenger details to US authorities »

Important: Only the red, machine-readable passport applies to EU nationals. When planning your holiday please note that children will also need a red, machine-readable passport to enter the country.

At the port of entry, all passengers will have their fingerprints digitally scanned and a digital photograph taken. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) advises airline passengers not to lock their checked baggage so that subsequent manual checks can be carried out. The importation of foodstuffs is subject to strict controls and extensive restrictions.

The following forms apply when entering the USA (our flight attendants will distribute these during the flight):
White form (I-94): The US authorities demand that passengers requiring a visa complete the white form by providing personal details, information about entering and leaving the country, and information relating to their visa. Please complete both sides of the card in block capitals and remember to sign it. Please note that in the US the number “7″ is not crossed and the number “1″ is written as a vertical line.

Blue form (6059B): The customs form must be completed by all passengers, whether or not they require a visa. You are asked to enter your personal details on the front. The reverse side is for declaring dutiable goods.

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