now "keyless entry" system at Villa "Bel Air", Cape Coral, Florida

by Villa Bel Air

no more keys needed at Villa "Bel Air"

Villa "Bel Air" is now offering a brandnew and really usefull feature for the guests: A "keyless entry" system!  Means, every guest receives his very personal keycode, which opens all doors of "Bel Air" during the vacation, without the necessity of a doorkey.

So, it is no longer necessary, that a member of "Lady B." crews has to leave the house via the front door to lock the villa, before enjoying the wonderful waters of the Gulf of Mexico", there are no longer several keys  needed, when differnt plans occur within the family, how to spend the day and last not least - when a key was lost, the whole keysytem of "Bel Air", means locks of all doors, had to be replaced, for safety reasons. This has been a complicated, nasty and first of all expensive process.

But this is old hat, because the new "keyless entry" system guarantees access to all doors of "Bel Air", during the dreamvacation for all guests. Short before leaving home and setting course to paradise, we generate an individual code, easy to remember for every guest, because the code has been chosen especially for this party.

The system itself has been installed by licenced specialsts and is rated accordning to the highest safety standards for private properties in the US.

This is a new, technical device, which is, together with really a lot of other features, ensuring a wonderful and fantastic vacation here in paradise "Bel Air", at the Gulf of Mexico.

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