Reopening of ice cream parlor in paradise

by Villa Bel Air

Cape Coral – reopening of ice cream parlor in paradise


Finally, after almost half a year of abstinence, the ice cream parlor, at Cape Coral Parkway, has reopened with a new owner and new name. A lot of our geusts had been very disappointed, when they heard, that the “working cow” has closed down. We all loved the wonderful icecream and tasty milkshakes there.

Especially our boating guests are very affected. Nothing is more beautiful, than cruising the city of Cape Coral at late afternoon, waving and smiling to the friendly people, spending their leisure-time in the pool areas of their houses to finally land at the pier in the “bimini basin” and visit the ice cream parlor to buy a huge share of ice cream or one of the marvelous milk shakes. Then boarding again “Lady B.”, the boat of Villa “Bel Air” and returning home, while enjoying the goodies.

Gabi und Günter Rolle

Now, it is possible to continue with this nice tradition. The “working cow” has been reopened under the new name “ice sssscreaming” and, of course, already been tested by regular guests of “Bel Air” and pretty good friends of us, Gabi and Günter Rolle. Their judgement: Absolutely wonderful!!!

Good news for all the friends and subscribers of our NEWS section.
Gabi and Günter Rolle at Villa “Bel Air”:

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